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Military Wood Art, LLC



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The Military Intelligence Branch Insignia was originally approved in 1962 for the Army Intelligence and Security Branch.

The sun, composed of four straight and four wavy alternating rays, is the symbol of Helios. The four straight rays of the sun symbol also allude to the four points of the compass and the worldwide mission of the Military Intelligence Branch. The placement of the sun symbol beneath the rose refers to the operations and activities being conducted under circumstances forbidding disclosure. The partially concealed, unsheathed dagger alludes to the aggressive and protective requirements and the element of physical danger inherent in the mission.

Our MILITARY INTELLIGENCE Branch Insignia Wooden Plaque is Handcrafted from four different all-natural fine hardwoods. The sun rays are carefully Inlaid; other components are Intarsia-style;for a truly impressive Wood Art Plaque. 

This Military Intelligence Branch Insignia Wooden Plaque measures 18” x 14".

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