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Military Wood Art, LLC

Marine Corps RAIDER Insignia Wood Art

Marine Corps RAIDER Insignia Wood Art

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Marine Special Operations Regiment under MARSOC was renamed the Marine Raider Regiment and are once again called "Marine Raiders".

This impressive Marine Corps Raider MARSOC insignia Wood Art is handcrafted from seven (7) different fine hardwoods.

Just the Eagle has 6 different woods. The Eagle Wings feature our Signature Feathered Wings, a time consuming process to create detailed, layered wings.

The Southern Cross shield sits atop the Eagle, and the Eagle Talons are wrapped around the Dagger Handle.

The different colors are the natural colors of different fine hardwoods, not paint or colored stains.

Our Marine Corps RAIDER MARSOC Emblem intarsia-style Wood Art Plaque measures an impressive 19" x 14”.


These handcrafted Wood Art U.S. Marine Corps plaques are Authorized and Licensed by the United States Marine Corps.

Military Wood Art, LLC is proud to be a USMC Trademark License holder, with USMC Trademark License number Hobbyist 22141.

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