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Military Wood Art, LLC



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Rarely found on a Plaque, our Artists turned the Marine Corps Bulldog Emblem into a stunning Wood Art Plaque. The tradition of using an English bulldog as a mascot for the United States Marine Corps has its roots in the early part of the last century, in the fighting campaigns of World War I. German soldiers referred to the Marines as "teufel hunden" or “Devil Dogs” undoubtedly owing to their hellacious fighting ability.

Today, the USMC Bulldog ranks firmly in the minds not only of "Devil Dog" Marines but also the public as one of the most recognized mascots of the military.

This amazing Marine Corps Bulldog Wooden Plaque is handcrafted using 5 different All-Natural hardwoods. Our fine attention to detail includes carefully carving out the Bulldog's Paw Nails and Collar; the Bulldog itself is made Intarsia-style, and each Letter is individually handcrafted.

Our U.S. Marine Corps Bulldog Emblem Wooden Plaque measures approx 11.5" across.

 These handcrafted Wood Art U.S. Marine Corps plaques are Authorized and Licensed by the United States Marine Corps.

Military Wood Art, LLC is proud to be a USMC Trademark License holder,
with USMC Trademark License number Hobbyist 22141.

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