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Military Wood Art, LLC

Marine Force Recon Amphibious Frogman Wood Art

Marine Force Recon Amphibious Frogman Wood Art

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The Marine Corps Reconnaissance (also called Marine Division Recon) are the Special Operations reconnaissance assets of Marine Air-Ground Task Force that provide division-level ground and amphibious reconnaissance to the Ground Combat Element.

Handcrafted from eight (8) All-Natural fine hardwoods, this stunning Marine Amphibious Frogman Wood Art measures 21" x 9".

The skull is inlaid with 2 contrasting woods, the Aviation Wing is made from 5 woods and the Parachute Risers are crafted from a single piece of wood.

The result is an impressive Wood Art plaque that would make any Marine proud.

* This handcrafted Military Wood Art plaque is Authorized and Licensed by the United States Marine Corps. USMC Trademark License 22141.
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