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FBI Emblem Wood Art - Federal Bureau of Investigation Seal

FBI Emblem Wood Art - Federal Bureau of Investigation Seal

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The Seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is the symbol of the FBI. It is used by the FBI to represent the Organization itself, and to authenticate certain documents that it issues. The term is used both for the physical seal itself, and more generally for the design impressed upon it.

The current version of the FBI Seal has been in use since 1941. Designed in 1940 by FBI Special Agent Leo Gauthier, it derives its design from the FBI's flag and symbolizes the values, standards and history of the Bureau through the various elements incorporated in the design.

Handcrafted from 6 different fine hardwoods, we iIlaid the background and border with contrasting Striped Ebony and quarter-sawn White Maple - a striking combination.

We made a rare exception and used a touch of paint on this plaque, strictly to enhance its appearance. The Olive Branch is painted green, which provides nice contrast against the other woods and stays true to the original design.

Measuring 14" in diameter, all of the other colors in this wood art plaque are the Natural Colors of different woods.

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